Woman Arguing With Man In Kitchen

Are You Using Your Appliances the “Right” Way?

There’s only one way to use an appliance correctly and no one has ever argued about it. Wait, who are we kidding? Parents, friends and significant others will all have their ways of doing things and believe us, they won’t be shy to share them.

Let’s settle those appliance debates, right here right now. Is the way you use your appliances more likely to earn you approving nods or judgemental stares?

Time to find out.

We’ll start with an easy one…


Now, Kirstie Allsopp divided opinion when she said that keeping your washing machine in your kitchen is disgusting.

Was she right?


This question might dish up some home truths…


Try not to get too hot under the collar when you answer this…


Finally, the question to end all questions…


Important notice: We fully endorse the use of this quiz to prove that you’re right. However, we take no responsibility for any arguments, silent treatment or broken relationships that may come as a result of saying, “I told you so”.

While you’re here on a journey of discovery (aka killing some time on the internet) can we interest you in finding out how expensive your appliance tastes are? Or if you’re not done gloating leave a comment below to let everyone know that your opinion was right and theirs was wrong. So there.


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