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10 Surprising Coffee Uses to Beat Household Chores

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee to get you ready for the day ahead. But how else can coffee save your day? We’ve found 10 genius ways that used coffee grounds can make those strenuous household chores a thing of the past.

You’ll never throw out those used coffee grounds again!

Dirty dishes and cups stacked up

Get Rid Of Those Leftovers

While coffee grounds work great as an abrasive, they aren’t so harsh that they will damage surfaces. So, for left-over food that gets stuck to counters and dishes, lightly sprinkle some used coffee grounds onto an old cleaning cloth and use to scrub away stuck-on food.

Pile of dark coloured clothes folded

Keep Dark Clothes Dark

We all know spilling coffee on light clothes means you’re left with a permanent brown patch. But what you didn’t know, is that coffee can also strengthen the black dye on clothes and prevent them from fading. This works by brewing 2 cups of coffee and adding this directly to the rinse cycle after the clothes have gone through the wash cycle. Why not use this trick on those already coffee stained tees and turn them into a beautiful golden brown colour. Well worth a try!

Hand in yellow glove cleaning grill

Get That Grill Sparkling

The thankless job of scrubbing your grill can be no more with the use of coffee. Because coffee is normally acidic, it is great for removing a build-up of grease. Just prepare your coffee and put it in a basin to soak your grill grates for 45 minutes. Scrub and rinse with warm water and voila, your grill is as good as new! The same trick can be used to clean your barbeque grill if you want some early preparation for those summer BBQs!


Steel Pots and Pans in Pile


Scrub Those Pans

The grainy texture of those magic coffee grounds will help with the removal of tough residue that’s hard to remove.  As they are a natural abrasive they will help de-grease your cookware and leave them lasting for longer. Just add the grounds to your pan and scrub with a sponge to leave your kitchen tools squeaky clean.


Hand in Glove Cleaning Kitchen Counter

Clean Kitchen Tiles

Endlessly scrubbing away at those tough kitchen stains can make you want to tear out your kitchen tiles and replace them with new ones! Instead, mix coffee grounds with warm soapy water and attack the stains with a dishcloth. Those hard to clear stains will vanish right before your eyes!


Hand in Rubber Glove Cleaning Fridge

Banish Fridge Odours

Freshen up your fridge or freezer with coffee grounds that absorb odours and leave your appliances smelling fresh. Simply place a small amount of used grounds in an open container at the back of your fridge and leave it there for a couple of weeks. And, if you love the smell of coffee, your fridge will produce a light coffee fragrance before it clears the odours. Bonus!


Male Using Plunger to Unblock Sink

Clear the Pipes

For blocked drains, coffee is a cheaper and easier option. Just pour coffee grounds into the sink followed by liquid soap and boiling kettle water. This method will also leave drains smelling fresh and odour free.



Brick Fireplace With Fire On

Spruce Up the Fire Place

The messy job you’ve been putting off for so long doesn’t have to be messy anymore! Before sweeping out the ashes, cover them in damp coffee grounds to weigh down the dust and prevent it from going all over the place. Not only does it make the job easier, but prevents the extended job of wiping down services and getting stains out of the carpet.


Grey Sofa With Coloured Cushions and Lamp

Get Furniture Looking Good as New

Get rid of those scratches that have been driving you crazy by mixing coffee grounds with vinegar and warm water, and gently rubbing it on to the scratched surface. Allow to soak for 10 minutes and buff away scratches with a rag. For thin and faint scratches use a cotton bud for easy application. (Just be sure not to accidentally scrub grounds into cracks where they might leave behind stains!)


Female Hands Being Washed In Sink

Remove Smells from Hands

As much as we love to cook with onion and garlic, the strong smell it leaves on your hands is not so great. Simply washing your hands with soap just doesn’t seem to get rid of the stench, leaving you with strong-smelling palms for the rest of the day!  But, if you rub a small amount of coffee grounds on your hands followed by cool water, it will neutralise these odours and have your hands smelling back to normal!


As well as being extremely helpful around the house, coffee grounds have been known to keep hair shiny, bake brownies and even get rid of cellulite! Is there anything coffee can’t fix? We don’t think so!

If we didn’t give you enough excuses on why coffee is a gift from the gods, check out 5 reasons you should be drinking coffee here!

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