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Dastardly Group of Halloween Horrors Defeated

Money Monster, Time Terror and Count Confidence – your reign of villainy is over

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ppliance owners everywhere have shown bravery and initiative in defeating the monsters threatening their machines. News has emerged that the three appliance foes the Money Monster, the Time Terror and Count Confidence are being caught in the act and thrown out of houses across the country.

The horrors had previously worked their way into households and made people think that appliance repairs are too complicated, take too long or aren’t worth the money to complete.

Now, with a little help from eSpares, we’re very pleased to report that our readers are fighting back and more importantly, winning.

eSpares is a great site to take away the all of the monsters

Louise Lord, appliance owner

We’ve heard from individuals who have successfully rid their homes of these terrible unwanted intruders.

We hope that these first-hand accounts can inspire hope in any home where appliance terrors linger.

For Louise Lord monsters are no more:

“eSpares is a great site to take away all of the monsters… I just wish all my appliances could self-heal like vampires and werewolves.”

Kate Wicks took on the Time Terror and won:

“Matt on YouTube showed me how to challenge the ‘Time Terror’ monster! Great presentation!!”

Halloween Monster Pinatas Beaten Up

As for the Money Monster, he was no match for Chris:

“Love all eSpares’ how-to videos. They’re really informative and help me save money or a broken appliance. Keep up the great work!”

If you start to feel a ghoulish presence in your home and doubt that you can fix your appliance because of money, time or confidence, beat it! Defend yourself against appliance horrors on the loose with eSpares and their how-to videos that show you how to easily repair your household appliances step by step.

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