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Can You Fix It? Yes You Can!

Appliance repairs are easy and we’re on a mission to prove it. In fact, we consider it our duty to show you that it’s really quite simple to fix it yourself.

There are plenty of repairs that are straightforward, even for complete beginners to carry out. To demonstrate just how straightforward, we’ve compared common repairs to the mundane household tasks we all have to do from time to time. If you can do those you can fix your appliance! Without further ado, let’s get started.


Close Up Of Man Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

If You Can Assemble Flat Pack Furniture…

You Can Change an Oven Element!

If your oven has stopped heating, but is otherwise functioning as normal, suspect the element as the faulty part. To fix it you need to be able to wield a screwdriver and pay attention to what connects to what. Exactly the same skills as it happens that you need to assemble flat pack furniture. If you can build an IKEA bookcase, you’ve got this.

Here’s Rory to run you through the step by step:


Woman Changing Spotlight Bulb

If You Can Change a Ceiling Spotlight Bulb…

You Can Change a Fridge Bulb

Whilst both light bulb changes are a bit more fiddly than changing the bulb in a standard lamp, the basic principles are the same. Unscrew the old bulb and pop in the new one in its place! Simple really.

Want to see the fix in action? Watch Mat change the bulb on this AEG fridge:


Food Processor With Food Inside

If You Can Assemble a Food Processor…

You Can Replace Dishwasher Wheels

Food processors have lots of plastic parts you have to slot together before you can use them. Similarly, changing the wheels on your dishwasher baskets also basically involves slotting plastic bits together. In fact, if anything the dishwasher job is easier! Without wheels working well your dishwasher drawers will hang down or jam, which could lead to smashed plates.

Protect your crockery! See how easy this fix is by watching our video:


Man Changing Batteries In Smoke Alarm

If You Can Change the Batteries in a Smoke Alarm…

You Can Change Vacuum Cleaner Filters

You might have to unscrew a couple of screws, but figuring out how to access both the batteries in your smoke alarm and the filters in your vacuum cleaner is pretty self-explanatory. If you need a little bit of extra help with the latter, the manual that came with your appliance will likely offer some guidance on how your vacuum fits together.

Admittedly changing or cleaning vacuum cleaner filters is a messier job than smoke alarm maintenance; there’ll be dust caught in all sorts of crevices. Best to take the appliance outside for this fix.

If you’re the visual type, here’s our video demonstration:


Washing Up Gloves And Supplies

If You Can Do the Washing Up…

You Can Unclog the Soap Drawer Jets in a Washing Machine

These two tasks are very similar, mostly because you need the exact same simple tool! A washing up brush will clear out your washing machine spray jets and leave your dishes gleaming.

If your washing machine stops taking fabric softener out of the soap tray, this usually means the spray jets that fill the tray with water are clogged with mould and/or undissolved detergent. To clear them you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just remove the tray and give the tray housing a scrub with the brush (ideally a different one than the one you use to do your dishes).

Here’s a video where Mat demonstrates:


Hopefully we’ve inspired and empowered you to have a go at a DIY appliance fix yourself instead of turning to your significant other/parent/local repair man (delete as appropriate). We’ve got millions of parts, and loads of advice to support you in your repairs endeavours, so if an eSpares customer ever asks, “Can I fix it?” our answer is, “Yes you can!”

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