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Introducing Our New and Improved Advice Centre

Hopefully, most of you who know us will know about our Advice Centre. Some of you may even have used one of our hundreds of how-to videos and articles to help you fix your appliance yourself. (If so, well done!)

Now, as well as fixing your broken machines you can diagnose appliance problems too. Over to Mat:

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Over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard to make our Advice Centre even more helpful for long-term DIYers and first-time fixers alike.

You see, we realised something rather important. We have lots and lots of information about specific fixes. But what happens if our customers don’t have the foggiest what’s actually causing their appliance woes? Diagnosis is a key part of the appliance repair process and that’s where we’ve been focusing our efforts recently.

How to Use the eSpares Advice Centre for Appliance Diagnosis

So just to recap, when your appliance breaks down:

  • Head to our Advice Centre.
  • Search for the symptom of your faulty appliance.
  • Choose the article that best addresses the symptom.
  • Follow the advice given to find the cause of your appliance’s fault.
  • Once you know the cause, fix your appliance back up again with one of our step-by-step repair videos.

Now, with every step of the appliance repairs journey covered it really is easy with eSpares to keep your appliances working.

Got an appliance that’s playing up right this moment? Don’t put up with a faulty machine; seize the day, head on over to our Advice Centre and…

Fix It Yourself!


Fancy a look behind the scenes? Here’s some brand new footage of Mat and the team creating one of our Advice Centre videos.

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