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10 Things That Don’t Feel as Good as Fixing Your Appliances

Trust us; you don’t want to miss this feeling. It’s a sense of unbridled joy and pride. It’s an overwhelming urge to tell everyone what you’ve done. Funnily enough, it’s also a sudden desire to do the chores. And it only comes when you successfully fix your appliance yourself.

Seriously, repairing your appliances makes you feel like an absolute domestic hero. In fact, there are a whole host of other small successes in life that feel amazing but just can’t match the feel-good factor that comes from saving your appliance from otherwise certain death.

Cars In The CarparkParking perfectly in between the lines of a parking space

You feel a sense of pride wash over you when you slide seamlessly into the exact centre of a parking space first try. But let’s be honest, if you’re parked at a slightly wonky angle it doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Now, if your washing machine starts flooding your kitchen you’ve got yourself a real problem. Take matters into your own hands, fix it yourself and you’ll know true pride.

Three People Dancing OutsideDancing like no-one’s watching

When your favourite tune comes on you get the irresistible urge to move your feet and shake your hips. The same overwhelming urge to dance comes over you when you’ve successfully repaired your fridge. Pop your favourite song on at this exact moment and you’ll be boogying around your home with no holds barred.

Woman And Man Arm WrestlingBeating someone in an arm wrestle

Your friend looks stronger than you and tougher than you so when you beat them in an arm wrestle you feel like showing off just a little. Repair your vacuum cleaner that’s lost suction and you’ll feel like showing off a lot!

Toast And Plum JamOpening a jar that no-one else could open

Opening a jam jar that has defeated others has a pretty good boast-ability factor. Probably something like a 7 on the scale. Replacing your dishwasher wheels, on the other hand, so you can open and close drawers smoothly, is a solid 10/10.

Lit BBQ On GrassLighting a BBQ

Roaring flames are your reward for slaving over your BBQ coals trying to light them for half an hour. Replacing your faulty oven element means you have your cooker to fall back on in the likely event that the BBQ gets rained off. (It’s England, sorry, we have to be realistic.)

Person Putting Together Flat Pack FurnitureAssembling flat-pack furniture

The jury’s out about which is more difficult. Appliance repairs are nowhere near as hard as people think, whereas thick flat-pack furniture instruction booklets can make you wring your hands in despair.  One thing’s for certain, replacing the door on your freezer sounds a lot more impressive than screwing a coffee table together.

Person Baking Chocolate CakesBaking a cake successfully

True, a freshly baked cake is 100% more delicious than a lawnmower spare part. However, your freshly baked wares will be gone in an instant whereas you can reap the rewards of a perfectly mown lawn for weeks.

Paper Balls In And Around BinThrowing a paper ball into the bin from far away

Score! The paper ball successfully lands in the bin from an impressive distance and you quickly look around to check who was watching. But nobody saw it. Put your skill and coordination to better use; replace that wobbly cooker knob and the other members of your household are guaranteed to notice.

Bowls Of Butter PopcornSeeing your favourite snack on offer

We all like saving money so when we can get treats for less we jump at the chance. A DIY fix will save you a whole lot more money than a snack. More importantly, developing your DIY skills will let you save money all your life!

Man Checking His WatchPicking the fastest moving queue

You’re at the checkout and you’ve beaten those silly folks in the other queue who didn’t notice the person with the over-laden basket. Ha! Even better, you’re going to cook your groceries in the oven you’ve just fixed. You’re definitely beating all those silly folks who didn’t stop to look into just how easy it is to change an oven bulb.

The moral of the story is fix it yourself and you’ll feel a million dollars. We can’t promise you’ll save a million dollars, but you’ll definitely save hundreds on the costs of new appliances and repair people over the years.

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