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Who’s the Biggest Superhero in the eSpares Team?

With appliance ownership comes great responsibility. When your household machines break down will you slouch in despair or rise to the challenge of repairing them and become the superhero of your household?

We’re encouraging all of you to fix your appliances yourselves, so we thought it’d only be fair if we test our own superpowers too. Click the links in the titles to see the videos of how our challengers got on.

Our Superhero Challenges

We’re putting together a set of gruelling challenges to test even the most heroic of heroes.

Close Up Of Screws


The Screw Sorting Challenge

When you take your appliance apart you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by screws. (You can keep them safe in a ziplock bag or on the sticky part of a Post-it note.) This challenge will test our eager participants’ abilities to sort said screws and they’ll need to be fast as the quickest wins!

Super power tested: Super speed

eSpares Water Bottles On Desk


The Holding eSpares Bottles Challenge

Repairing your appliance yourself also tests your muscles as you’ll have to lug it around and potentially lift lots of heavy parts. What better way for our competitors to show off their muscles than to hold up some eSpares water bottles for as long as they can. The last man standing is the victor!

Super power tested: Super strength

Oven Bulb Inside Oven


The Changing Oven Bulb Challenge

How many challengers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Changing a blown oven bulb is probably the easiest appliance fix in the book. Of course, a superhero’s life is never easy, so we’ve thrown a spanner in the works.  Our participants will be completing the fix blindfolded! Fastest time wins.

Super power tested: X-ray vision

Tumble Dryer Balls On Table


The Catching Balls Challenge

Pop a couple of tumble dryer balls in with your dryer load and your laundry will dry more quickly and come out fluffy and soft. However, on this occasion we’ll be using the balls for different purposes entirely; we’re hurling them at our wannabe heroes who will have to catch the most in a minute to win.

Super power tested: Super reflexes

Vacuum Cleaner With Checklist


The Assembling Vacuum Cleaner Challenge

Have you ever tried to take your vacuum cleaner apart without consulting the manual and realised it’s actually a lot more complicated than it seems? That’s exactly the challenge our participants will be faced with. The fastest to disassemble and reassemble their vacuum will be victorious.

Super power tested: Super intelligence

Teams from all of the different eSpares departments will be fiercely competing, but the most heroic team remains to be seen!

Whilst we establish who the heroes are in our eSpares offices, take our quiz from the comfort of your own home and discover what your superpower would be!

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