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10 Fridge Hacks That Will Save the Day

Look after your fridge and your fridge will look after you. Well technically it’ll look after your food, but as food is your fuel it will look after you indirectly. Just go with it.

Here are our absolute best fridge hacks that’ll make sure you always keep your cool, even when your milk goes off or the smell from overripe cheese is lingering.

Roll Of Cling Film

Clean Shelves

Never go through the grubby, scrubby job of cleaning hardened spills off your fridge shelves again! Wrap plastic film over them instead and cleaning your fridge is simply a matter of removing and replacing the film as and when your heart desires.

Pillowcases On Fridge Shelf

Cool Bedding

The joys of the cool side of the pillowcase are truly wonderful in summertime. That said, we’ve got something even better. Put your pillowcases in your fridge to cool them on hot days, then put them back on your pillows when the land of nod beckons.

Milk In Main Body Of Fridge

Keep Milk Fresh

We’re going to use our telepathy skills and say that the condiments in your fridge are at the back and the milk is in the door. If we’ve hit the nail on the head switch things up! Storing milk in the main body of the fridge keeps it fresh for longer as the door is the warmest part.

Jars And Condiments In Fridge

Jar Organiser

Speaking of condiments, if you have too many to fit in the fridge door you can pop a Lazy Susan on one of the fridge shelves then spin it to easily access all of your bottles and jars whenever you need them. Saves that old jar of olives from being forgotten.


Cleaning Fridge Door Seal

Un-stick the Door

You shouldn’t need muscles of steel to be able to wrench your fridge door open! There are just two steps to cleaning your door seal so it doesn’t stick. First, wipe the seal down with a damp cloth, then wipe the cabinet edge that contacts the seal with car polish. Easy.

Moisturisers In Fridge Door

Soothe Sunburn

Chance would be a fine thing you may say, but we have been known to get the odd spell of sunny weather here in the UK. If you’ve overindulged and burnt, cool your skin with moisturisers and after-sun lotions that you’ve cleverly left in your fridge for this very purpose.

Baking Powder Coffee And Cat Litter In Fridge

Protect Against Pongs

There are quite a few ways to stop strong-smelling foods from lingering in your fridge.

  • Keep an open box of bicarbonate of soda in it to soak up unwanted smells.
  • Activated charcoal will do the same job.
  • Ditto coffee grounds or cat litter. Clean cat litter of course.
  • You can even get a fridge deodoriser designed specifically for the job.

Fridge Door Seal Holding Five Pound Note

Check the Seal

Worried your fridge isn’t getting cold enough? It won’t cost you anything to see if the cold air is escaping, but you will need a fiver! Shut a five-pound note (or any bank note for that matter) into your fridge door seal. If it falls out the seal is loose so it’s best to replace it.

Warming Fridge Door Seal With Hairdryer

Reshape the Seal

But not so fast! Before you replace your door seal completely you can try this little trick. Warm a loose fridge seal with a hairdryer and gently stretch it before closing the door. The magnet within the seal should hold it in place whilst it sets firmly into its new position.

Vacuuming Fridge Condenser Coils

Save Some Energy

You can make your fridge work more efficiently and save some energy by giving the condenser coils at the back of the appliance a clean. Use a handheld vacuum or vacuum brush attachment to easily remove the dust from the coils, then give them a wipe down.


Now that you’re a stone-cold fridge expert you may be feeling as cool as a cucumber, but we ask you this; how’s your washing machine knowledge? We’ve spun together some washer words of wisdom so let the appliance hacks continue!

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