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Our Sponsored Abseil – How Did We Get On?

Open the champagne and crack out the party poppers! We completed our 170ft abseil and lived to tell the tale! It’s not every day you find yourself dangling off the top of a 16-storey hotel and the team’s reactions were somewhat mixed about the experience…

Eleanor Abseiling Down Park Regis

The Team Posing In Superhero Outfits

Mariya Abseiling Down Window

Our Thoughts on Abseiling

Was the abseil scarily fun or funnily enough pretty scary?

What was the most frightening part?

Kat's Face Close UpKat: I’m not a very huggy person so El hugging me before she went was the worst part. Also, the thought that there might be no Prosecco left because I was the last one down.

Mariya's Face Close UpMariya: Moving any part of my body, but I thought I better get down quickly or the guy at the top might get bored and let go!

Dan's Face Close UpDan: The scariest part was looking at Mariya and seeing that she was certainly not having a great time, haha!

Ben's Face Close UpBen: Looking over the edge at the top was a mistake. It was a lot higher than I’d thought!

Eleanor's Face Close UpEleanor: I expected it would be going over the top, but it was actually the anticipation. When we were walking up to the roof I was seriously regretting my life choices.

Ben Abseiling Down Park Regis

Group Ready To Abseil

Dan Abseiling Down Window

Would you do it again?

Ben's Face Close UpBen: Yes, I know what it’s like now so it’s not as scary! Skydiving is next on my list.

Kat's Face Close UpKat: Yep, next time I’ll do the Empire State building.

Eleanor's Face Close UpEleanor: Definitely. I think I’ve got the bug for it now!

Dan's Face Close UpDan: Only if something scarier was on offer!

Mariya's Face Close UpMariya: No, because I didn’t like it at all! I’ve got better things to do with my Saturday mornings than hanging from buildings…

Kat Abseiling Down Park Regis

Eleanor Halfway Through Abseil

Eleanor Abseiling Down Glass

What advice would you give to someone considering an abseil?

Eleanor's Face Close UpEleanor: Do it, it’s amazing. Make sure to choose a building with window ledges where you can take a breather on the way down!

Dan's Face Close UpDan: Don’t forget to strike a wicked pose for the picture and don’t let anybody drink your celebratory drink!

Ben's Face Close UpBen: Don’t overthink it and don’t grip the rope too tightly because it hurts your hands!

Kat's Face Close UpKat: Make sure to take in the view when you go down.

Mariya's Face Close UpMariya: To take in the view? No! My advice is to close your eyes until you feel the ground under your feet.

Kat Abseiling Down Glass

Mariya Hanging Over Building Looking Scared

Dan Abseiling Down Park Regis

Did you feel like a hero?

Mariya's Face Close UpMariya: No don’t be silly! I got mocked too much afterward for just hanging there and being lowered down!

Dan's Face Close UpDan: With the cape dancing in the wind as I enjoyed the view, I definitely caught a glimpse of what it might feel like to be a hero! (All I needed was a lady to rescue…)

Kat's Face Close UpKat: I felt like I earned my drink more than most days.

Ben's Face Close UpBen: If you can call it a hero, yes! I definitely faced my fears.

Eleanor's Face Close UpEleanor: I felt very proud of myself but not as heroic as Dan who wore his cape all the way down.

Mariya Abseiling Down Park Regis

eSpares Team Before Abseiling

Ben Abseiling Down Window

Our Fundraising Results

With our friends, families, and colleagues behind us (well technically beneath us), we raised over £1000 for the hospice which we were delighted with. High fives all around!

Whilst we did something a bit scary, the team over at John Taylor are the real heroes. They’re the ones making an amazing difference to the lives of all the people they look after so we were very happy to support such a worthy cause.

We’re celebrating heroes all summer so watch this space for more heroic adventures!

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