eSpares Team With Hoover Freedom Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s What Happened When We Competed in a Vacuuming Obstacle Course

The eSpares team loves playing around with appliances. We also love to compete against our colleagues from time to time (all in the spirit of fun of course). So what better way to combine the two than with a timed obstacle course to put our vacuuming speed and prowess to the test!

We selected our vacuum, set up an obstacle course in our office and prepared ourselves for things to get competitive.

The Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum we choose was the Hoover Freedom. This lovely versatile cleaner was perfect for the job.

  • The Freedom is cordless so can be manoeuvred around easily.
  • It’s lightweight so helped our contestants speed through the course.
  • It has up to 25 minutes of suction power between each charge so plenty of time for all of our competitors to take their turn.
  • As it converts easily from a stick vacuum to a handheld we could test the full range of our competitors’ vacuuming skills.

Hoover Freedom Vacuum Cleaner

Interested in this cleaner?

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The Obstacle Course

The competitors (and the Hoover Freedom) were put through their paces with a variety of obstacles.

  • The course started off with a coffee table to vacuum underneath.
  • Then contestants had to zigzag in and out of boxes using the Hoover.
  • Next, they converted the Freedom to a handheld vac using the attachment and vacuumed a shelf.
  • Finally, they emptied the Hoover into a dustbin and the stopwatch was stopped!

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Obstacle Course

The Competitors

In the spirit of inter-departmental rivalry, we gathered together worthy competitors from around the business to do battle on the office floor (metaphorically speaking).

Contact Centre Team Posing For Photo

Team Contact Centre

The lovely people you’ll speak to if you give us a call

Viv and Maruaf

Sales Team Posing For Photo

Team Sales

The ones with the gift of the gab

Veena and Anita

Purchase Team Posing For Photo

Team Purchase

The masters of getting the best deals

Joe, Chris, and Jessica

Marketing Team Posing For Photo

Team Marketing

The folk who keep you in the loop about what we’ve got going on

Ben and Nikki

The Teams in Action

First up were the contact centre team, demonstrating their meticulousness with perfect paper pick up.

Team Contact Centre Vacuuming

Team Contact Centre Assembling Vacuum

Then the marketing team stepped up the pace with a speedy run, but less than perfect pick up as the vacuum barely touched the ground!

Team Marketing At The Starting Line

Team Marketing Vacuuming Shelf

Sales were similarly fast and had a similar disregard for the actual vacuuming part of the task.

Team Sales At The Starting Line

Sales Team Vacuuming Shelf

Purchase put on a high energy performance and looked set to take first place until some trouble figuring out how to empty the vacuum bin lost them valuable seconds in the end.

Purchase Team Sweeping Shelf

Purchase Team Assembling Vacuum

The Results

4th Place – Team Contact Centre

3 minutes 35 seconds

3rd Place – Team Sales

46 seconds

2nd Place – Team Purchase

36 seconds

1st Place – Team Marketing!

33 seconds

Marketing Team Celebrating Victory

Marketing Team Posing With Prizes

So marketing was the winners of the day (and received a little treat so they could drink to their success).

Bonus points have to go to Viv from Team Contact Centre though, as her vacuuming was the most thorough by a mile!

Want to get your hands on your very own Hoover Freedom vacuum cleaner? Enter the competition on our Facebook page to be in with the chance of winning one. (Setting up a contest in your own home is optional.)

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