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Don’t Read This Unless You’re Ready to Become a Hero…

Most people are pretty average. They eat the same lunch every day, travel the exact same way to work every morning and always buy the same brand of toothpaste. If you’re nodding along you may think you’re ordinary, but we’ve got a revelation for you. You, yes you, can become a hero. In fact, you may even be one already.

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All it takes to be a hero (apart from wearing your underpants outside your trousers) is a little bravery and the ability to fight evil.

In the case of eSpares heroes, the evil forces you face threaten to destroy the appliances around your home. Limescale, faulty parts, grease, and grime are all conspiring to make you replace your household machines, but you won’t stand for that.

When an appliance smells, smokes or sits unresponsive eSpares heroes face their fears and rise to the repairs challenge.

Celebrating the Hero of the Household

To celebrate unsung appliance heroes throughout July and August we’ll be sharing their stories. We’ll also be sharing epic amounts of advice, tips, and tricks. Even if you’re a little nervous about repairing or maintaining your appliances, our aim is to show you just how easy it can be. Become an eSpares hero and you’ll save yourself so much money over the years on the cost of new appliances. Who said being a hero didn’t have rewards?

Plus being the hero of your home feels amazing! Here are some eSpares heroes who are revelling in their greatness:

Customer Testimonial With Shirt

Customer Testimonial With Woman

Customer Testimonial With Superman

Facing Our Fears

Cartoon Male Arm Flexing
Now, it would be a little hypocritical if we asked you to face your fears without facing our own. We’ll be getting into the superhero spirit over the next few months too with appliance challenges to test our speed, strength, and agility. A group of us are even channelling our heroic alter egos by abseiling down a 170ft building. We’ll keep you posted with how we get on!

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary! So put on your capes and masks, don your Lycra onesie and grab your toolbox. It’s time to become the hero your appliances deserve.

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