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5 Brand New Products You Seriously Won’t Be Able to Resist!

Every so often something happens here at eSpares that we get quite pumped up about. Right now, it’s the brand new products we’ve just got in that are too exciting for words (though we’ll do our best).

We bet you can’t get to the end of the article without clicking “buy now”.

Washing Machine Fish Tank

There’s something fishy about this washing machine. And we love it. Concave washing machine doors have long had a space waiting to be filled. Now they can be with this quirky and beautiful home for your aquatic life. A rather clever design means it’s easy to clean the tank and feed your fish. 100% cat safe guaranteed.

Washing Machine fish tank


Microwave Decal

Have you ever stared blankly at your microwave, watching your food slowly turning and regretting every wasted second? Pop one of these universal decals on your microwave window instead and you’ll be transported (in your own mind) to a sunny desert island instead. Turn those moments of frustration into pure relaxation.

Microwave decal


Vacuum Belts

Let’s not beat about the bush, vacuuming is boring and so are vacuum cleaners. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to jazz up the latter. Unlike the fashion industry, we’re not size-ist. We’ve got beautiful on-trend belts for all models of vacuum cleaner, no matter how large. And we’re happy to belt it from the rooftops.

Vacuum belts


Magnetic Cooker Knobs

Need an extra pair of hands in the kitchen? If you have to abandon your stove to fetch a spatula during a crucial moment in the cooking process it can all go wrong in the blink of an eye. Enter these cooker knobs to save the day by keeping all of your important utensils conveniently to hand. Beats your old way of cooking hands down!

Magnetic cooker knobs


Chocolate Oven Trays

Now before you say, don’t be silly they’d melt, these trays are a lot cleverer than that. They’re made of a very special chocolate that is different on a molecular level (so the clever science types tell us). If you store them in the freezer first they’ll maintain their shape, even in temperatures of up to 200°C! Sweet like chocolate.

Chocolate oven trays

Be honest, did you manage to get to the bottom of the page without clicking on a single product? We didn’t think so.

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