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Can You Get More Than 5/10 In This Really Tricky Emoji Challenge?

So we know you eSpares shoppers are masters of repairs and DIY aficionados. But how are you at puzzles? To stretch your brain and challenge your grey matter we’ve got a little emoji challenge for you themed on what we do (spare parts, fixes and the like).

Answers can be found at the bottom once you’re ready for them (no peeking!)

Emoji Challenge Accepted

1. We’ll start with an easy one…

Tools And Box Emojis
2. Breaking you in gently with a few more that shouldn’t take too long to guess…

Nails And Gun Emojis

3. Peanut And Hazelnut Emojis

4.Hands And Man Emojis

5. Getting trickier…

Screw And Car Emojis

6. Beach And Paper Emojis

7. Cassette Tape And Ruler Emojis

8. Our personal favourite (say what you see)

Apple Eye And Ant Emojis

9. This one is really quite hard…

Paint Line And Cat Emojis

10. Our copywriter thought this one was genius. (However, when the rest of the team found out the answer they thought she was a Simple Silver Spanner Emoji.)

Skull And Pear Emojis

Emoji Challenge Answers

Want to check your answers? (Or perhaps you’re ready to give up?) All will be revealed below.

Click For Answers

The best our team could manage was 9/10. The average score was about 4, so maybe we should stick to repairing things in future. Let us know how your score compared below or on our Facebook page!

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