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The eSpares Team Christmas Traditions Revealed!

Is anything more time honoured, more sacred and more likely to spark office debate than Christmas traditions? If there is we haven’t found it. We asked you your Christmas traditions, now here are ours to compare!

In our office…

There’s been horror that one member of the team (who shall remain nameless) hasn’t watched Home Alone. There’s been fierce difference of opinion on whether presents should be opened before or after the Christmas meal. And quite a lots of discussion on the correct pronunciation of “charades”. (Is it cha-RAH-des or cha-RAID-s?)

But there were a few things we could almost agree on.

Blue And Red Christmas Stocking Graphic


Is there age limit on getting a stocking? The results were unanimous – no there isn’t!

Blue And Red Christmas Present Graphic


We’re an impatient bunch! 67% of our team open presents before tucking into Christmas dinner.

Blue And Red Christmas Cracker Graphic


57% of us are winners and 43% of us are losers when pulling Christmas crackers.

Team Reactions To Santa Revelation

Santa Claus Shocker!

The average age our team stopped believing in Santa was 7 years old.

Although it has to be said some people didn’t take the news well.

Blue And Red Christmas Tree Graphic

Tree Topper

As well as sparkly golden stars, fairies and traditional angels, more unusual Christmas tree toppers included a polar bear and um, Batman.

Blue And Red Rudolph Graphic

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Santa gets a delightful mix of mince pies, chocolate and cookies. (Plus one shovel to help him clear up after his reindeer…)

Blue And Red Snowflake Graphic

Fashion Victims

What do we wear on Christmas Day? 33% of us dress normally, 33% dress smartly and (yep you guessed it) 33% are fabulously attired in their finest Christmas jumpers.

Blue And Red Mince Pie Graphic


Christmas pudding was the winning Christmas treat, closely followed by mince pies. Christmas cake brought up the rear with just 1 vote.

Arguably one more vote than it deserves.

Blue And Red Gingerbread Man Graphic


Christmas chocolate preferences were a tie with Toblerone and Terry’s Chocolate orange the joint favourites!

Blue And Red Christmas Bow Graphic

Best Gifts

We’re a lucky group! Collectively we’ve received a kitten, a marriage proposal, a car and a trip to Milan. Oh and beer.

Blue And Red Christmas Star Graphic

Star of the Show

In our school Nativity plays we were mostly shepherds, angels and wise men. Except one of us who was a mouse.

Blue And Red Holly graphic

Christmas Traditions

Perhaps the most unusual tradition comes from one of our team whose dad is an obstetrician. She visits the maternity ward every year to see Christmas babies! (The tiny humans who will forever have Christmas and birthday gifts combined and will almost certainly be called either Joseph or Holly.)

The rest of us spend Christmas together with family too, enjoying lots of food, games like Monopoly or Buzz and Christmas films.

And yes. Home Alone was the festive favourite.

How do our traditions compare with yours? Join the debate in the comments below!

Also FYI if your appliance lets you down this year there’s no need to cancel Christmas! You can order your replacement parts up until 9pm on Friday 23rd December with Saturday delivery and keep your Christmas traditions going strong.

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