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6 Tools You Need to Save Christmas From DIY Emergencies

If nothing breaks in your home over the festive period be thankful for this Christmas miracle! Complex culinary undertakings, houses filled with friends and family, new toys and overexcited children and pets all increase the chance of breakages. But providing you have the right tools for the job it’s no drama.

Here’s what you need in your toolkit to fix up your broken items.

Screwdrivers In Wooden Stand


Screwdriver Set

Opening up a faulty oven, securing a wobbly kitchen cabinet door, getting batteries into toys… The uses for a screwdriver are endless. So make sure you have a screwdriver set to hand this Christmas. Ideally, you want one that has a versatile selection of screwdriver all with different head shapes and sizes, so you’re ready for anything.

Batteries Lined Up Upright



By Christmas Day you’ll be too late to stock up on batteries. Tears and tantrums will ensue (and that’s just the reaction from the grown-ups). Check the size of the batteries in crucial items around your home and get spares in advance. Don’t forget to cater to the TV remote controls and any new toys you’ve bought.

Fixing Toy Aeroplane With Glue



Good quality glue is a super idea! Superglue is ideal for quick and permanent fixes. Keep some in your tool kit (or failing that your bits and bobs drawer) and you’ll soon find a use for it. The challenge is getting the kids to leave their new and already broken toys alone long enough to let the glue fully dry.

Torch With Light Beam



If heaven forbid (we’re debating even saying it as we don’t want to tempt fate) there’s a power cut over Christmas you’ll need a torch. If the lights go out don’t panic, it could be as simple as resetting a tripped fuse. If so your torch will be your faithful companion to help you navigate your way to the fuse box.

Digital Multimeter With Probes



If there’s a problem with something electrical around your home a multimeter is the first step to diagnosing it. Multimeters may look complicated, but don’t be put off, they’re actually quite simple to use.  If you’re not sure how; check out our guide.

Pliers On Wooden Background



If something gets stuck or falls into a hard to reach place pliers do the job that fingers alone can’t manage. Bending wires is your pliers’ forte. If a wire pokes out of your synthetic Christmas tree where it shouldn’t, your pliers can bend it safely back into place.

Got all these essential tools already? In that case, you’re prepared for the Christmas DIY onslaught. Well done! If not we don’t blame you with the never-ending Christmas to-do list. But there’s still time to get the tools you need before Christmas and save your home from Christmas breakdowns (mental or otherwise…)

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