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10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Appliances Will Love

Common New Year’s resolutions include getting healthy, giving more to charity and giving up bad habits. But we have other ideas!

We know appliance breakdowns are minimised with a bit of regular maintenance, but all of us (yes even the eSpares team sometimes) are guilty of not quite looking after our appliances as well as we could. So here are the New Year’s resolutions we’ll be trying our best to stick to this year. Fancy joining us?

Our Resolutions

We resolve to…

Laundry In Washing Machine


  1. Not leave washing in the machine after it’s done

That musty smell when clothes are left for too long is bacteria growing on them. Which we must admit kind of defeats the point of washing them.

Kettle Pouring Water Into Teacup


  1. Not boil the kettle, forget about it and have to boil it again

Show us a single person who’s completely innocent of doing this. But we need to stop! It’s a waste of energy and the all important English cuppa should never be delayed.

Eggs In A Basket


  1. Not put eggs in the microwave to see what will happen.

A broken microwave is what could happen! (Just watch a YouTube video of it instead, much safer.)

Person Pressing Button On Cooker Hood


  1. Clean our cooker hood filters every once in a while

Yes it’s boring, yes it’s a chore and yes it’s a little gross. But we’ll be the ones laughing when our kitchens are cleaner and smoke-free.

Loaded Dishwasher With Cutlery Basket


  1. Not cram an extra plate into the dishwasher when it’s already full

Hand washing one plate is easier than picking the shards of broken crockery out of your appliance. Yes, unfortunately we speak from experience…

Abandoned Washing Machine On Grass


  1. Make sure old appliances that can’t be fixed are recycled not scrapped

This is one we really stand by. Scrapped appliances are just so toxic for the environment. Here’s why you should never scrap your appliance.

Vacuum Cleaner On White Carpet


  1. Not vacuum up large bits and bobs we know we really shouldn’t

Buttons, twigs, a stray piece of pasta… we know they shouldn’t really go through the vacuum, but with the nozzle in hand it’s just so much easier than bending down to pick them up. Time to suck it up and start giving the vacuum a helping hand.

Fridge Full Of Food


  1. Clear out those condiments from the back of the fridge

We’ve got to come to terms with the fact we’re never going to use them. Time to get rid.

Person Turning Out Jeans Pockets


  1. Turn out our pockets before putting clothes in the washing machine

It’s amazing how just one tissue can wreak havoc, leaving fluff on the entire laundry load. Loose coins are also dangerous for washing machines; if they work their way into the internal workings they can cause blockages or damage.

Woman Holding Bundle Of Clothes


  1. Not tumble dry clothes unsuitable for hot temperatures

Let’s all resolve never to accidentally shrink our favourite garments again. And check the label. For the love of God check the label.

We’ve got our resolutions. Now all we have to do is stick to them and our appliances will all be in better shape in 2017. Woo hoo!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Let us know in the comments below. Oh and one last thing – Happy New Year and best wishes from the eSpares team!

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