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How to Make Your Boring Appliances Look Incredible

What do you do if your appliance doesn’t suit your decor? It’d be a shame to blow your hard earned money on brand new appliances if your old ones are working perfectly well. Luckily there are a whole host of low cost ways to make boring appliances look amazing without having to replace them!

Who better to draw inspiration from than top bloggers with super creative appliance makeover ideas? Let’s learn from them.

Sticky Back Plastic Covered Fridge
Credit: Aunt Peaches

Patterned Sticky Back Plastic

Some appliances are destined to blend meekly into the background. But not yours! Make them the focal point of your room instead. Sticky back plastic (yes that transparent stuff you used to laminate your books with at school) now comes in colourful patterned sheets. The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating with it.

Aunt Peaches shows how striking patterned appliances can be. Her unique, quirky fridge really draws the eye. The best part is, if you get bored with your appliance’s new look it’s the work of a moment to peel off the pattern and start again.

Stainless Steel Painted Fridge
Credit: The Craft Patch

DIY Stainless Steel

Picture this. You’ve modernised your kitchen and your old almond coloured (read: beige) machines are now adding an undesirable “retro” aesthetic. You’d love shiny, modern stainless steel appliances… but you’ve used up nearly all of your funds on redecorating.

In this tragic scenario you’ve got two options. You could live with a less than perfect kitchen until you’ve saved up enough for brand new appliances. Or you can take inspiration from The Craft Patch and paint your old appliance with stainless steel paint! The results, we’re sure you’d agree, are stunning.

Electrical Tape Covered Appliances
Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Electrical Tape

See that washing machine and tumble dryer? They look pretty good, right? We assumed getting such a stylish look for these laundry appliances would be tricky and time consuming. How wrong we were! It. Could. Not. Be. Easier. Take a leaf out of A Beautiful Mess’ book and revamp your appliances with electrical tape.

All you need is a bit of creativity (which we know you have already, that’s why you’re here) and some tape in the colour of your choice. For a minimalist black and white design as per the one pictured black insulation tape is ideal.

Turquoise Fridge In Kitchen
Credit: Cozy Crooked Cottage

Colourful Paint For Appliances

Did you know you can get specially designed paints to revamp your appliance? You do now! There are no end of paints out there for appliances including enamel paints, spray paints and, well, paint on paints. Take a long hard look at the appliance you want to revamp. Would it suit a vibrant red or a lemon yellow?

The perfect colour is down to you, but to see the difference a lick of paint can make, look to Cozy Crooked Cottage for inspiration. A turquoise hue transformed her fridge and her entire kitchen.

Chalkboard Fridge With Drawn On Flowers
Credit: The Handmade House

Chalkboard Paint

This particular idea is especially brilliant if you have kids. Or if you’re one of those people who like to make lists (we’re right there with you). Create a fun space for doodles and a practical space for writing reminders by turning your appliances into chalkboards!

The Handmade Home uses specialist chalkboard paint to bring a layer of fun to a fridge, but you could also paint your washing machine, tumble dryer or even your microwave. Lists for days!  You’ll never have an excuse for forgetting an appointment or missing an item off the grocery list again (but please don’t let that put you off).

The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve beautified your appliances you may find old worn handles, stained door seals or chips and scratches are stopping them from looking their best. All of these can be easily fixed with touch up paint for scratches and chips and replacement parts like new fridge handles or washing machine door seals, all of which you can find on our site.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative! If you have any decorating tips or you’ve already revamped your appliances, share them below or on our Facebook page!


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