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3 Appliances That Will Change Your Mornings Forever

Some people leap out of the bed in the morning and start the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Others… don’t. If you’re not a morning person you may need some help to kick-start the day. Luckily there are appliances to do just that!

Here are our three all-time favourite appliances that are worth getting out of bed for.

Express Coffee Maker In Car

Express Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers or those that need a strong caffeine buzz to get them going in the morning (you know who you are), there’s no substitute for coffee made with ground beans. If a few extra minutes in between the sheets have tragically cost you the time to make a “real” coffee, you’ll have to settle for instant. But get yourself a Breville Express Coffee Maker and there’ll be no more settling!

Why We Love It

  • In mere minutes your coffee will be brewed to perfection.
  • The coffee is poured straight into a perfectly sized travel bottle that keeps it warm all the way into work.
  • If it’s your habit to stop off for a tall Americano on the way to work this little appliance will save you a packet.

Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock

Credit: Sensorwake

Smell Alarm Clock

Typically your alarm clock (or the alarm on your phone) will jolt you awake in the mornings with a cheery tune you very quickly learn to hate. But there is an alternative! You can be gently roused into consciousness by smells instead. Yes, a smell alarm clock is a genuine invention; the Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock was unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. This alarm clock is not to be sniffed at, it gently lulls you awake in two minutes.

Why We Love It

  • You can wake up to the smell of croissants, espresso, and even chocolate!
  • If you’re not convinced of the powers odours have to rouse you into consciousness there is also a backup melody which sounds after three minutes of wafting smells.
  • Smells are great at evoking good memories so this alarm clock will help you start every morning in a good mood.
Juicing Appliance Dispensing Orange Juice

High-Quality Juicer

When you drink juice vitamins, minerals and natural sugars are quickly absorbed into your body. You get an energy boost much quicker after drinking juice than with smoothies, which require a little more digestion. So if you don’t like coffee or prefer to avoid caffeine a juicer could be your replacement for an espresso machine.

If you own a juicer it’s easy to make juicing part of your morning routine. Just remember to replace any worn parts if necessary to keep your appliance in top-notch condition.

Why We Love It

  • Most high-quality juicer models are quick and quiet so you won’t disturb other slumbering members of your household.
  • Fresh juice is a great way to get an instant energy boost. Berries (especially blueberries) and leafy greens are ideal for boosting alertness so include them in your juices.
  • Tiredness can also be caused by dehydration; hydrating in the morning will help your alertness too.

So keep the match sticks propping your eyes open just long enough to get one of these handy appliances then who knows? Once they’ve arrived you might even look forward to getting up in the morning! (Who are we kidding…)


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