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Stuck For Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

Maybe he taught you to tie your shoelaces. Or came to pick you up when you missed the last train home. Or even let you have the last biscuit in the packet. There is no doubt that dads work hard to keep their kids happy so Father’s Day is your chance to express your gratitude!

Although a new pair of socks is the fallback gift option let’s be honest, socks don’t make very inspiring gifts, even if they do have funny cartoons on them.  Not every dad has the same taste in gifts either. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you find gift inspiration, no matter your dad’s hobby or passion.

The Avid Gardener Dad

Flymo Hedge Trimmer

Orange Flymo Hedge Trimmer
As Father’s Day falls in summertime hedges, shrubs and bushes will be shooting up. A hedge trimmer will make keeping up with the plant growth a lot easier for a dad to strives to win prizes for his neat tidy rose bushes or precise, even conifer hedges.

We love this gift because it:

  • Keeps dad safe with a belt clip and guard over the cutting blade
  • Has a handle in the centre, making it super easy to carry and control
  • Could even be used to sculpt topiary if your dad is so inclined


The Foodie Dad

Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Crock Pot Slow Cooker
Is your dad is the one at home most commonly responsible for the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen? If so a slow cooker is a great way for him to indulge his culinary expertise and cook delicious meals from scratch, whilst fitting cooking around his no doubt busy schedule.

We love this gift because it:

  • Can make homemade pulled pork, meatballs or casseroles – enough said
  • Has two heat settings and a keep warm setting if the family is arriving home at different times
  • Comes with recipes (but to add the personal touch you could get crafty and make your own recipe book)


The DIY Dad                                                                                             

Soldering Kit

Soldering Kit With Wire
If your dad’s the go-to guy for repairs around the home he’s probably already got a wide collection of screwdrivers, wrenches and the like.  But if he doesn’t have a soldering iron, which uses molten metal to fix up wires and bond materials together, it could be a handy addition to his toolkit.

We love this gift because it:

  • Comes with a handy desoldering pump to remove excess solder and wire cutters to make the repair easier
  • Involves melting metal which, let’s face it, is pretty cool
  • Is great for crafty dads too, as soldering irons can be used to create mosaics and sculptures


The Petrol Head Dad

Karcher Pressure Washer

Karcher Pressure Washer And Attachments
Children are every parent’s pride and joy, but if your dad is a car fanatic you may have a sneaking suspicious you’re competing for his affections a little. But getting a tonne of brownie points is easy; a pressure washer makes a great gift for a dad who loves to clean every speck of dirt and dust off his car.

(Note: this gift is a bit more pricey so you may want to club together with your siblings on this one.)

We love this gift because it:

  • Leaves the whole car from paintwork to wheels sparkling
  • Is not just a one-trick pony! It can also be used on patios, decking, fencing, and bikes


The Health Conscious Dad

Breville Personal Blender and Sports Bottle

Breville Personal Blender and Sports Bottle
Whether your dad’s preferred way to keep active is hitting the gym, heading out for a run or good long cycle a blender and sports bottle combined suits them all!

We love this gift because it:

  • Makes delicious fruity smoothies, crushed ice juices and protein shakes easily
  • Effortless blends even ice at the touch of a button
  • Has dishwasher safe blending blades and sports bottles so is nice and easy to keep clean


The Caffeine Addict Dad

Express Filter Coffee Maker

Express Filter Coffee Maker
If dad just can’t function in the morning before he’s had his first caffeine fix of the day then this coffee maker will make his morning routine simpler!

We love this gift because it:

  • Combines a coffee machine and travel mug in one for coffee on the go
  • Makes it easy and quick to enjoy fresh ground coffee every day
  • Is great for enjoying a coffee whilst commuting or travelling as the mug fits in the cupholder of most cars


The Birdwatcher Dad

Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station

Metal Bird Feeding Station
If the highlight of your dad’s garden isn’t the flower beds but the feathered visitors then a great gift is one that will encourage more birds into the garden.

We love this gift because it:

  • Lets dad offer the birds a range of different feeders and seeds at the same time– an all you can eat buffet for birds if you will
  • Has a built-in bird bath to keep the birds watered and refreshed
  • Is easy to put up anywhere on the lawn

If none of these gifts quite suit your dad’s interests we have one last suggestion: offer to repair something as a gift! If your dad is usually the go-to guy for patching up appliances he’ll appreciate being able to put his feet up next time something goes wrong. If you don’t have your dad’s repertoire of repair skills, no problem!  Watch our how-to videos, find any parts you need on our site and carry out the necessary repair yourself as a surprise. After all, everyone knows the best gifts out there have a personal touch!

Oh and one last thing, you can find all of the gifts we mentioned above on the eSpares website.

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