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6 Accessories To Dramatically Improve Your Fridge

Your trusty fridge is very hard working. In fact, it’s probably one of the few appliances in your household that works 24/7. It keeps your veggies crisp and stops your milk from going sour, but that’s not to say your fridge can’t be improved!

There’s more to the world of fridge accessories than alphabet shaped magnets. We’ve put together some great value buys that’ll let you make better use of your fridge space and keep your appliance lovely and fresh.

Fridge Wine Bottle Holder

Bottle Rack

Ever find there’s not enough room in the fridge door for all your bottles? If so a bottle rack that attaches to one of the shelves is a handy space saver. It’s the work of a moment to fit it, which is especially useful for parties when guests will (hopefully) be bringing some tipple with them that needs to be kept cool.

White Fridge Ice Scraper

Ice Scraper

An iced up fridge freezer will run less efficiently… in other words cost you more. The ideal tool for regular de-icing is an ice scraper as it really couldn’t be easier to use. Scraping out built-up ice with a knife, on the other hand, runs the risk of piercing and damaging your fridge freezer walls which may mean having to buy a whole new appliance. Now there’s a cost you could do without.

White Plastic Fridge Thermometer


Now, pop quiz – do you know the optimum temperature for your fridge? We won’t leave you guessing if not. In order for your food to be kept fresh for longer, fridges should be cold but not freezing, so between 3°C and 5°C is best. To make sure your food is being kept at the optimum temperature, even in hotter weather (or despite regularly opening the door to grab a snack), pop a fridge thermometer into your appliance. You can also use a thermometer to get to know your fridge better and find out the hotter and cooler areas to help you decide where best to store your food.

Fridge Shelf Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Smells can be a problem in your fridge, especially coming from the veggie drawer if your vegetables are quite damp when you put them in it. Keep your food fresher for longer with an air purifier that keeps bacteria at bay, leaving your fridge more hygienic and better smelling too. Just clip the purifier to your fridge shelf and you’re good to go!

eSpares tip: Removing your vegetables from their plastic packaging and blotting any dew or moisture away with a kitchen towel before storing them will also keep them fresh for longer.

Igloo Gel Fridge Deodoriser

Igloo Fridge Deodoriser

Strong whiffs of cheese, onion or fish in your fridge can overpower and ruin more subtly flavoured foods. A fridge deodoriser with a gel that absorbs smells is another great way to solve this odorous problem. It won’t need cleaning or maintaining, just replacing every three months (or once the gel has evaporated).

White Egg Tray With Handle

Egg Tray

A broken egg tray is a real fridge annoyance. A box of eggs takes up valuable fridge space and you can’t put your eggs in loose as they’ll roll around and could smash. Slimy egg residue is not fun to clean out of your fridge crevices. Luckily you can easily get a replacement egg tray for your fridge, just search your model number to find the right one.

If one (or more) of these gadgets has tickled your fancy you can find them all on our site along with a whole bunch of specialist fridge cleaning products.

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