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7 tips to clean your home with ease!

There’s an old adage which suggests “tidy home, tidy mind” and there’s no time like the present! To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled 7 tips which will help you clean your home in the easiest way possible.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

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It may sound obvious, but reguarly vacuuming your home with a good quality will make the job a whole lot easier! If your vacuum is struggling for suction, find out how to restore it with our tips and advice.

Steam Clean


Many of us run the vacuum over our floors to clean them. Whilst this will remove the top layer of dirt, to provide an even deeper clean we recommend you utilise the power of a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are proven to provide a thorough clean of the home, removing 99.9% of bacteria.

Rid your washing machine of smells

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A clean washing machine means clean clothes! A common issue many of us face with our washing machine is the build up of unpleasant odours. Thankfully, this is easy to rectify. Once a month, use a cleaner and descaler in your washer to remove limescales and odour.

Remove Stains

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There are a number of tips and tricks to remove various stains from your home, such as using white wine to blot out red wine. But, if you want to guarantee blemishes are completely removed, utilising the power of a dedicated stain remover is a must. Whatever stain you face, a dedicated cleaner will help make it a thing of the past. For removing specific stubborn stains such as wine and paint, check our our handy stain remover guide!

Freshen up the kitchen

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The kitchen is considered the hub of the home. It’s therefore important to keep it clean and odour free. The key to achieving this, when cooking, is to use the cooker hood to draw out steam, odours and condensation. But, it’s worth remembering the cooker hood filter will need replacing from time to time to keep it working to its full potential.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend for the average family who cook one main meal a day; the cooker hood filter is replaced at least once every six months.

Keep Food Fresh

Fridge Packed With Food

As a result of being known as a reliable and trusted appliance, we often forget to provide the fridge with the TLC it needs, especially the cleaning of the appliance.

Regularly clear out your fridge and remove any food past it’s use-by date and any leftovers that have been in there too long. Wipe down shelves and draws and clean the outside to achieve a clean and fresh fridge. You could even invest in a fridge deodoriser to keep smells at bay! Not only will this keep your fridge clean, but it’ll keep your food fresh too.

For further advice on keeping your home clean and your appliances working to their full potential, don’t forget to regularly visit our blog and advice centre.

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