Cooker Steam And Smells

Super easy ways to remove cooker smells fast!

Cleaning the cooker is a chore we put off for as long as possible. Yet, failing to remove grease or burnt on food from the appliance can increase the risk of faults and unpleasant odours.

Check out our tips and tricks to clean your cooker, hob and filter to remove horrid smells!


Cleaning Stainless Steel Oven

The most important step to keeping your cooker free from grease, burnt on food and unpleasant odours, is to clean it on a regular basis using a specialist cleaning product.

Two products we recommend are the:

  • For those who’d prefer not to use a chemical based cleaner for their cooker, the Hob and Oven Micro Fibre Cloth pack from E-Cloth is a must.Using only water, the fabric side of the cloth lifts and removes grease throughout the cooker. Whilst the toughened, non-scratch strips tackle the majority of stubborn stains and caked on dirt.
  • For a deeper clean, an oven cleaning kit will give you everything you need for a sparkling oven! It includes everything you need from bags which make the cleaning of shelves easy, through to a cleaning solution which cuts through grease with ease.

NB: When using a cleaning solution, take care to avoid the heating element and fan, as a cleaning solution on these components can cause damage.

Whilst it is important to clean the cavity of your cooker, it’s equally important to clean the cooker door and exterior. Use an all purpose for the outside, unless you have a stainless steel appliance and specific cleaner for the glass.

Cooker Hob

Saucepan On Cooker Hob

Your cooker hob is susceptible to grease splatters and food spills. To help tackle dirt, each time the cooker hob is used it should be cleaned using a specialist hob cleaner. This will cut through caked on grease and grime with ease as well as cleaning, polishing and protects your hob, leaving a silicon film – making the next clean even easier.

For stubborn burnt on food which cannot be removed with a cleaner, consider using a hob scraper, which will lift the food without damaging the hob surface.

Cooker Hood

Cooker Hoods In Kitchen

The cooker hood plays an important role in the kitchen during the cooking process. So it’s important to make sure you regularly clean it, including the filter.

To clean the exterior of your cooker hood, use a dedicated stainless steel cleaner. Spray it over the surface and leave for 60 seconds before being buffing with a soft dry cloth. Check out our tips on how to clean stainless steel for more tips and advice.

The cooker hood filter should be replaced regularly. As a rule of thumb, for the average family who cook one meal a day at home, we recommend the filter is replaced every few months. Find out how to do this with our easy step-by-step guide.

By taking the time to clean each component of your cooker, you’ll help to keep the appliance working at its peak performance for longer and remove any unpleasant odours which have the potential to tarnish dishes being cooked.

For more information on how to take care of your cooker, visit our advice centre.

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