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How to Pick Your Real Christmas Tree

Over recent years real Christmas trees have increased in popularity, with roughly 8.2 million sold in the UK each year. If you’re one of those opting for a real tree, there are a number of steps that you will need to take to prepare for and reduce fallen tree needles.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the more important ones.

Before Getting the Tree Home:

When going to pick your real Christmas tree it’s important to opt for a tree with high needle retention. Two species we recommend considering are the Nordman fir and the Scots pine; although these are likely to be more expensive than other species.

Once you’ve selected your tree, before purchasing it, check its needles. If these come off in your hand, the tree isn’t fresh and won’t last long. We’d also recommend checking the trunk where the tree was cut – the lighter the colour of the trunk, the fresher the tree.

Caring for Your Tree:

With the tree selected and home, it’s time to take care of it, making sure it lasts as long as possible. On average, if cared for properly, a real tree should last for four weeks.

To help your tree, in addition to regular watering, you should ensure it’s not placed within direct sunlight or too close to the radiator, as the heat will speed up the process of your tree losing its needles.

Clearing Up Needles:

Inevitably needles will fall from your tree; and to clean up such needles, we recommend following one of the two methods below.

  • For carpeted areas, the best way to clean up any fallen pine needles is to use your vacuum cleaner. The crevice tool is ideal for helping you reach those needles which have fallen into hard to reach areas. Top Tip: Before using the vacuum cleaner, make sure its suction is at full strength. You can find out how to fix loss of suction with your vacuum cleaner here.
  • If your tree has been on laminate or hard flooring, a vacuum may not be suitable for cleaning up fallen needles. In such a situation, we recommend using a brush with strong bristles to sweep the needles into a pile, before disposing of them.

With the careful selection and care of a real Christmas tree, you can help limit the number of tree needles that fall; enabling you to enjoy the festive feel a real Christmas tree brings.

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