10 Tips For Easier Ironing

10 Tips For Easier Ironing

When it comes to ironing there are generally two types of people: 1) Those who do all the ironing in one go, and 2) Those who only iron garments when they need them. Whichever category you fall into, next time you pick up your iron make the task easier by following these simple, yet effective ironing tips.

  1. Always Iron Dark Garments Inside Out – Ironing your dark clothes inside out will prevent the fabrics from getting a sheen on them. It’s also advisable to iron trousers inside out.
  2. Ironing Order Priority – Shirts are never enjoyable to iron. But you can help make the task of ironing shirts easier by ironing the cuffs and collars first.
  3. Follow Garment Care Labels – The care label within your garments are there for a reason. By following the care label, the task of ironing will be easier and quicker.
  4. Iron Clothes According to Heat – By following the garment care labels, you’ll notice that different fabrics need to be ironed on different heat settings. When ironing a basket of clothes, make sure you iron those requiring the coolest setting first.Top Tip: When changing temperature on the iron, allow the iron to sit for a few minutes.
  5. Avoid Ironing Over Sharp Objects – When ironing take care not to iron over sharp objects, such as metal buttons and zips, as these can damage the soleplate of the iron. If your clothes do have such objects, iron them inside out.
  6. Fill Water Reservoir – Your iron can become the victim of limescale; but you can minimise the risk by filling the water reservoir with distilled water, or boiled water which has then cooled down.
  7. Get it Straight – When ironing always follow a straight back and forth motion; never iron in a circular motion as this can stretch the fabrics.
  8. Let Clothes Sit After Ironing – Although many of us do, you shouldn’t put clothes on straight after they’ve been ironed. Instead you should allow them to sit for awhile so that the creases have time to set.
  9. Hang Trousers Up – In the same way that you should allow your clothes to sit once they have been ironed, it’s also a good idea to hang trousers, shirts and jumpers up straight after ironing. After all, you don’t want to undo the hard work you’ve just put in getting creases out of them.
  10. Keep it Clean – Potentially one of the most important tips for making ironing easy, is to keep your iron clean. From cleaning the iron soleplate to ensuring that the inside of your iron is clean. Both are important tasks as they’ll reduce the impact a build up of limescale has on the appliance, keeping the iron working efficiently and effectively for longer.


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