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Dishwasher Door that Slams Open?

Here’s an interesting one (at least, interesting as far as spares and appliance repairs go – we’re not about to tap into a grand theological debate here): have you got an integrated dishwasher in your kitchen with a door that slams down when you open it and leaves your crockery and glassware quivering?

What?! You DO?!

Then you are in for a right treat, I can tell you. That door on your dishwasher is counterbalanced by cables and springs, but the cables can be prone to snapping, which is what causes the door to crash down with only marginally less force than that asteroid which slammed into the planet and wiped out the dinosaurs.

However, being the total legends that we are, we’ve only gone and done a video on how to fix that problem (fix the door cable that is, not fix the lack of dinosaurs on Earth – arguably that wouldn’t be one of our best moves).

So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, may we present:

You can find the right door cable for your dishwasher as well as spares for pretty much anything else appliance-based on the eSpares website. Splendid.

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