Dog Proof Your Lawn

Dog Proof Your Lawn

Right, so you’re off to a great start in getting your lawn looking gloriously green ahead of the summer. Nothing must get in the way of your progress, not even your loyal doggy companion.

If you have a pet dog you might have noticed their urine leaves unsightly, yellow patches on your beautiful green lawn. This is not okay.

“Dog Rocks” are a 100% all-natural cure to eliminating burn patches left from your dog’s urine.

To use: place a few of the rocks into your dog’s water dish. The active components of the rocks purify the water by removing harmful trace elements. This gives your dog a cleaner source of water by lowering the nitrates and thus will eliminate burn marks to your grass when they expel their urine.

A few colleagues have tried these with their dogs and confirm they really work!

Have a look at the product website and see what you think.

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