Get a Perfect Looking Lawn

It’s starting to get a bit warmer and the days are slowly, but surely getting longer. As Spring approaches you might be looking at your lawn, thinking it’s not looking particularly nice. After the cold winter your lawn has no doubt taken somewhat of a beating and will definitely be in need of some TLC.

Some key areas to remember when restoring your lawn are mowing, fertilizing, weed control and aeration.

Mowing – You’ll want to make sure that the blade on your mower is as sharp as possible. This will ensure you cut the grass cleanly rather than tearing it from the roots. So, you’ll need to sharpen the existing blade or alternatively replace the lawnmower blade. Next, clear your lawn of any leaves and debris that might have gathered. If you’ve got a particularly large area you might want to invest in a garden vac to help with this task if you’ve not already got one.

Fertilizing & Weed Control – Using a fertilizer on your lawn will help rid it of unwanted moss and weeds that will have made your grass home over the winter months. The fertilizer will also give the grass a dose of nitrogen, which will help boost grass growth.

Aeration – During the winter, your lawn will become compacted and air flow will be restricted. In order to get some life back into it you can use a garden fork to go along and methodically work the grass to help it back to life. If you’re working with a bigger area then you might want to look into getting yourself a proper aeration tool. In doing this you’ll be allowing oxygen to more easily get into the soil and help with the healthy growth of the grass.

In this video Matt will explain exactly how you can follow the above steps to help get your lawn looking great. We’ve got loads of garden appliance spares and accessories to help you get started with this!

How to get a perfect looking lawn

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