Repair, Don’t Replace!

An article featured in The Metro this week about a survey conducted by the University of Manchester, stated 85% of microwaves that people throw away are actually fixable. Replacing parts on them could save you pounds not to mention keep the landfill free of potentially useful waste. It’s particularly relevant when considering that not only is the country battling a recession but the earth is also battling the destruction of its wildlife, eco-systems and natural resources. Now is a good a time as any to look at what you can do in and around your home with regard to fixing your appliances (other than just your microwave) to save money as well as reduce your waste.

We’re constantly updating our Advice Centre in order to help enable everyone, whether you’re DIY inclined or not, fix your appliances without enlisting the help of a professional. If you need help diagnosing a problem with one of your appliances check out our Advice Centre to see what might be causing the problem. There are lots of articles as well as ‘how-to’ videos that can help save money and the environment by potentially limiting waste.

Simply follow this formula below and get fixing!

Broken appliance + a more than capable you = happy days

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