100 Days and Counting

With just 100 days to go, there is a lot of excitement ahead of the 2012 Summer Games. ‘Inspire a generation’ has been unveiled as the official Olympic motto. Let’s focus on ‘inspiring a generation’ whilst not focusing on how much the games are costing the tax-payer and for those residing in London, not focusing on potential travel chaos if tube workers strike. I digress.

The BBC has put together a rather inoffensive article (ie: no monetary values mentioned) about the upcoming games. Specifically, near the bottom of the page is a quick 2 minute video outlining some kind of cool and interesting facts. It took me back to days of watching informative videos in school and I actually quite enjoyed it. Have a look here and see for yourself.

The giant rings were planted with 20,000 flowers in Kew Gardens, West London

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