A Day In The Life Of……

A new eSpares employee

A quick interview with our newest employee at eSpares. So far so good but it’s early days and Carol has a long way to go and a lot to prove (jokes but not really) Please be advised anything below added in italics are the thoughts of yours truly and may or may not endorsed by Carol.

Name: Carol

Role: Web Analyst

Time at eSpares: 1 week, 3 days, 5 hours

Favourite spare: Inlet valve. A small part but oh so important Unless you fancied turning your home into your very own swimming pool every time you run the dishwasher or washing machine and hey maybe you do and that’s ok!

Favourite colleague (yes you have to choose): Dawid Kowalski, closely followed by everyone else on the marketing team as they are SUPER funny and easy going Yes we sure are

Least favourite colleague (yes you have to answer): Haven’t been here long enough to firmly establish a least favourite (this will obviously happen in due course) but as it stands it would be Jacques as he beat me in an office competition today…and won’t share his chocolates No surprises there. Fat cat Jacques’s chocolates that are not being shared

Favourite food to inappropriately eat/ snack on at desk: Portugese custard tarts sold by a friendly gentleman at shop near office As these don’t smell I won’t comment. But next time someone scoffs a saveloy from the local chippy near to me it will get ugly

Favourite day of the week: Monday. Somehow it’s always extra cheerful in the marketing room. No blue Monday at eSpares I can wholly confirm that not everyone in the marketing team shares this feeling when it comes to Mondays- not even close

Stairs or (lazy) lift: Lift. Full of adventures and surprises The lift in this fab warehouse conversion office is the moodiest, irratically behaved thing I’ve ever had experience of dealing with. Goodluck

Favourite TV show: Kang-Xi-Lai-Le, a very chaotic and noisy Taiwanese talk show Sounds brill

Red or White: White Both

Edward or Jacob: Edward To be fair you would be hard pressed to find any girl who would say no to either

Carol’s mug shot below for y’all to see and belittle er admire

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