New Media Age Awards

We were nominated for two New Media Age Effectiveness Awards the other week. The award ceremony is fast approaching and we’re pretty proud at being nominated alongside such prestigious names (they didn’t forget us, we’re listed under ‘Fix It Yourself’ – the name of our campaign!).

Anyways, the usual drill once you’re nominated for one of these awards is to get an email from the organiser, asking for some ‘promotional material’. This usually means stuff like your logo, and maybe a couple of photos ‘representing your entry’ that can be shown on the big screen at the ceremony.

So I got the ‘promotional material’ email, and as I was reading through it I noticed that not only did those folks over at NMA ask for logos and such, but they’d also included the optional extra of ‘rich media’ (more or less video to you and I).

Seeing as we’re up for ‘Best Use of Video’, we figured we’d get a little creative. So we decided to put together a ‘reel’, explaining why we thought our videos deserved to be shortlisted.

I must admit, I was a little hesitant at posting it on this blog, as it’s got quasi-corporate phrases in like ‘customer loyalty’ and ‘conversion rate’, which might not be the most riveting thing for customers to listen to. In the end though, I figured you might be interested in seeing a little ‘behind the scenes’ type stuff. Check it out and see what you think.

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