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I really like this product. It’s called the Drapers Tools Garden Kneeler and Seat.

draper tool 1

Drapers Tools Garden Kneeler and Seat

If you have even the most fleeting experience with gardening, you’ll know there’s one main occupational hazard: back pain. Even if you’re no grandad, a few hours with the trowel down on hands and knees can mean you really suffer for the next day or so. It’s not very nice.

And that’s where this bad boy comes in:

draper tool 2
An upside-down Drapers Tools Garden Kneeler and Seat

Rather than crouching on the cold, hard sometimes even damp ground, you can now kneel or sit on a Draper Tools Garden Kneeler and Seat. I’ve tried one out and it really is a real help – you can weed and plant and aerate to your heart’s content. Kneeling is particularly useful for pruning, while sitting works a treat for soil-work.

It’s a great versatile tool, and even has storage space for your garden utensils, look:

draper tool 3
The Draper Tools Garden Kneeler and Seat’s storage space for garden utensils

I heartily recommend this product to anyone who, like me, have suffered the anguish of waking up the morning after a good gardening session, only to feel like a group of large men is having a tug-of-war with your spinal column. Especially with this sunny looking long weekend coming up.

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