How to Get the Perfect Lawn

British Summer Time began yesterday. Whilst it meant that the past weekend was the shortest of the year, it also means that spring has well and truly sprung and gardening is firmly back on the agenda. Hopefully when you look out of your back door you now see not a murky and forbidding brown and off-green space, but a slightly unkempt patch brimming with possibility.

The lawn’s role in the common garden is both as the canvas on which to paint the artistic flowery flourishes, as well as the quiet centrepiece: think about it – it doesn’t matter how nice your flowerbeds look if your lawn is overgrown, weed-ridden or dried out.

With that being said, there’s no need for lawn maintenance to be a pain in the proverbials. Watch Matt show you how easy it is to maintain a great looking lawn this summer with the minimum amount of effort.

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