Washing Machine Drum

Getting Our Bearings

Today is a big day. And that’s not just because it’s a Friday. It’s not even just because it’s John Travolta’s birthday. Nope. Today is a big day because it’s the first time that our video team (Gabe and Matt to be precise) are tackling what is probably your most requested How To video.

Today, they are trying to replace the bearings on a washing machine. We’ve received many requests to get this particular Fix-It on celluloid, so we figured that now’s as good a time as ever. Think of this one as the Avatar of How-To videos; and expect it at some point next week. Because I know you have literally never been this excited, I shall try to sate you somewhat with a gratuitous on-set shot of Matt. What you see below used to be a washing machine. You may now go forth and enjoy your weekends.


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