Different Use For The Dishwasher

Different Use For The Dishwasher

So you’re back at your desk, back at work. Sleeping in on a Tuesday is now but a distant dream, gone for another year. Morale can tend to be quite low this week; apparently yesterday 2million people called in sick.

So if your mind is wandering, thinking about white-sanded beaches or throwing your computer out of the window, then this video might be for you. Tallstevo, a wise and resourceful man, put his keyboard in the dishwasher. But he didn’t do it in a pique of New Year despondency, oh no… he put his keyboard through a wash ‘n’ rinse cycle to clean it.

So, if you’re feeling down, maybe you could take your frustration out and be productive at the same time. Check it out…

Disclaimer: We don’t actually recommend you do this, lest you be electrocuted. Or at the very least, a keyboard short.

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