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My Dyson DC25 Adventure

Hubert is working with the eSpares marketing team for a couple of weeks on a work experience placement. Yesterday, he was tasked with being the video production assistant on the filming of some Dyson DC25 fix-it videos. We asked him to write a few words on his experience of the day.

I’ve always thought that instructional videos must take seconds to make; grab the product, grab the part, get an expert and voilà – “Thanks for watching!”. However, I got the chance to join the eSpares team for a video shoot as a part of my work experience.

As soon as the planning commenced, I realised that I’d obviously been quite wrong. It’s a much more complicated process, luckily sped up by great feedback from the eSpares community. It all starts long before the shoot with planning of what videos to make and which spares to feature, based on customer reviews and questions. The video team works with the customer service team to establish what kind of queries eSpares customers have been asking to establish what videos are likely to be needed most.

The main purpose, obviously, is to help the customers fix it themselves with appliance spare parts – but it is also to point out the easiest ways of doing that. Before the day of the shoot, all the customer reviews of the products to be featured are carefully examined for anything that eSpares customers have learnt and taken the time to share. Scrutinising the reviews of the Dyson DC25 spares was actually my job this week, so I hope I did a good job of it.

Once we got there, the first thing we had to do was to set up the working area and to perfect what we had to do. Before instructing customers, the eSpares video team like to do the actions they are showing a bunch of times just to make sure it’s been done right and perfectly – in this case it involved assembling and dissembling the Dyson DC25 over and over again.

After that’s been done, it’s time for shooting; as with any movie, it may either take one perfect take or absolutely loads of tries to get everything spot on. Throughout the day, in a flurry of good and bad attempts, coffee breaks and lunch, we managed to get some really good takes, thanks to the patience of Helen (the video star) and Gabe (the director).

You can see the videos on the website and YouTube in a few days; for now, I hope I have indeed helped a bunch of Dyson DC25 owners to service their machine.

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