How’s Your Lawn Looking?

Over the past few weeks, a lot of the UK has bathed in beautiful, and very warm, sunshine. And while the weather has been perfect for heading down to the beach for the day or playing Frisbee in the park, it’s a decidedly more stressful time for garden owners across the country as they try in vain to keep their lawns from turning in to parched wastelands. The damper weather this week has offered some respite, but summer can still be a testing time for lawn wranglers.

There are ways to combat your patch becoming too parched. Here’s the advice for July:

“Continue mowing. If the weather is hot and dry, mow less frequently and consider raising the blades for a higher cut – less moisture will be lost this way. Subject to hosepipe bans, water the grass thoroughly during dry spells using a sprinkler. Spot treat any stubborn weeds with a weed killer. Scarify the lawn (rake with a spring tine rake) to remove dead thatch and moss. This will prevent brown patches from appearing.”

If you need to whip your lawnmower in to shape, we’ve got loads of Flymo spares as well as lawnmower spares for loads of other brands. And if you don’t live in the North West, we’ve got an assortment of watering products too.

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  1. Jason Duffett

    on July 15, 2010 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    Another point that shouldn’t be forgotten is that you should water your lawns in the early morning or late evening. This way less water is lost to evaporation.
    Save your lawn and our water!

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