Top Money Saving Reviews

Top Money Saving Reviews From The Last Week

I love customer reviews. Being a bit thrifty myself, it makes me feel particularly good when a customer says that we helped save them money. Here are my two favourite money-saving reviews from the last week.

  • “This is the second time I’ve used espares. V impressed, Product exactly as described, easily ordered and speedily delivered. Last time I became a domestic hero by mending our oven with an espares part saving us about £100 for calling out electrician a Fridge Door Shelf, Anonymous from London.
  • “eSpares is awesome! I was quoted £58 from a repair man to fix the door catch. I just put in the make and model of my ancient drier (15 years old!!!) and I found this part. It arrived in just 3 days and it is the exact replacement- All for £6.00! In the old days before the economy went bad, I would have at best hired a man to do it, or at worst just bought a new machine. For just a few pounds, I was able to do it myself! If you do buy this part, you will need one of those strange little star head screwdrivers or maybe do it with a tiny straight one. You will have to prise the 2 sections of the door apart gently to enable you to get to the screws. But do it! eSpares will save you MONEY!!!” Tumble Dryer Door Catch, Singmoregirl from Northants.

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