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How To Make Sure It Fits – New Videos

We hold our hands up and say that carrying cleaning tools that are considered ‘generic’ or ‘universal’ has been a real struggle for us. We carry them for our customers who own vacuums where the genuine tools just aren’t made any more. On our landing pages we do our best to explain within the product description what you need to do to ensure that the tools will fit. Regardless we still encounter a higher than desirable return rate on these items with the reason being that the tool didn’t fit the cleaner.

As we all get more comfortable with online shopping it’s not always the case that the full product description is read prior to the item being purchased. I’m guilty of this too and currently own a beautiful, but very oversized, laundry basket. After all if the tool looks identical to the one that you need that’s basically all you need to know, right?

In order to combat this problem we’re trying a different approach and using videos to convey the fitting information. Here are our two latest videos that we’ve shot, we’re hoping that they’ll decrease our returns rate for the products they feature and increase customer satisfaction.

This video is featured against our universal 30-37mm vacuum floor tool.

This video is featured against our universal 32mm dusting brush.

As a retailer you don’t want people to return products to you, generally it means that you’re doing something wrong. Even worse is when a customer orders a product, is unhappy with it, but doesn’t bother to let you know or return it. We’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the conversion of these products, their returns rate and customer reviews now that the videos have been added.

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