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A Lightbulb Moment – New Video

As a retailer one of our business objectives is to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that you get the right product every time. In the world of spare parts we acknowledge that it can be a bit confusing to find the correct part the first time around.

Oven light bulbs are an area where we knew that we needed to improve. Oven lamps had a high return rate in addition to customer reviews that shared the sentiment the bulb didn’t fit but wasn’t worth the hassle to return. We weren’t happy about this; it reflects a very poor customer experience. In response we shot this short and simple video to ensure that our customers get the right oven bulb the first time around:

Our objective for this video is to help reduce our returns rate for cooker light bulbs and increase our customer happiness.We’ll be watching our customer reviews and returns rates to make sure that we’ve achieved our goal.

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