Karcher Pressure Washer Videos

New Karcher Pressure Washer Videos

We’ve always thought that we were missing a trick by not having video content for the pressure washers we offer. Whilst we clearly list the features of each pressure washer we sell, it’s not universal knowledge what exactly 100 bar of water pressure really means or what level of clean you can expect from the dirtblaster lance. If our customers could see how truly easy (and fun) Karcher pressure washers are to use surely it would make the decision of which one to purchase much easier. In basic terms we simply wanted to demonstrate how a pressure washer works. These first two videos demonstrate the functionality of the Karcher pressure washers.

This year Karcher have released an update of their Hose and Handgun Kit for all pressure washers from the K2 to K7 series. Last year we received a lot of questions on the old kit and how to fit it and we’re pleased to see that the upgraded version features “Quick Connect” technology.

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    on July 8, 2010 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Cool! I want to buy a pressure washer like that. I am sure my dad gonna be interested with this. Thanks for sharing.

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