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How The Web Keeps Products Going For Longer

Undeniably as a company, we love it when eSpares gets name-checked in a blog, who wouldn’t? Aside from the mention, I enjoyed the recent blog post by @robram, because he highlights how the web keeps products going for longer. The post explains how Rob used the resources available online to diagnose and fix the broken door lock on his dishwasher. The Internet allowed Rob to fix his dishwasher himself, spending only £10 and 30 minutes of his time.

I personally love stories where people empower themselves via information gleaned from the Internet. Whether it be learning to play the ukulele from MusicTeacher2009 on YouTube or using the 367 recipe reviews for Chocolate Stout Cake to pimp out your baking and create a thing of beauty.

Rob Mansfield, I salute you for fixing your dishwasher yourself. Long live the Internet!

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