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Finish Line And Snails

Final Fix-It Story Winners!

Right folks, that’s a wrap! The Fix-It Friday competition is now closed and we’ve chosen the final winners. A huge thanks again to everyone who took time to submit their tales. In total we received over 2000 fix-it stories which far exceeded our expectations.

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And The Fix It Week Winner Is

3rd Week Fix-It Winners!

3rd week fix-it winners!

With the third week of our Fix It Yourself Fridays competition done and dusted, see who we’ve chosen as this week’s winners. We’ve said it before, the tales continue to entertain and impress. For example, among the winners this week are a man-mathemetician and a rather unique breakfast recipe.

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100 Days and Counting

With just 100 days to go, there is a lot of excitement ahead of the 2012 Summer Games. ‘Inspire a generation’ has been unveiled as the official Olympic motto. Let’s focus on ‘inspiring a generation’ whilst not focusing on how much the games are costing the tax-payer and for those residing in London, not focusing on potential travel chaos if tube workers strike. I digress.

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Second Round Fix-It Winners!!

Our fix-it yourself story competition is well and truly underway. After much consideration and deliberation, we’ve chosen our second round fix-it winners. As mentioned we’ve been really chuffed at the entries received thus far. The stories have been more than enjoyable to read and generally made our decision-making process somewhat difficult. This week we’ve chosen three winners whose stories include the fixing of a trusty ol’ dishwasher, a 1p fridge rejuvenation and a sweet Aunt’s Cordon Bleu double cooker rescue.

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First Fix-It Winners!!

Ok folks, as mentioned we’ve had some absolutely fantastic stories come through from you lot. We’ve received tons of entries, by far exceeding our expectations. Thanks to some serious organisational skills and a fair bit of time we’ve all agreed on the ones we think deserve some totally awesome prizes!

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