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Our Top Picks of Barbecues and Accessories to Up Your Grilling Game

If you’re keen to whip the barbecue out and get grilling this year, you’re not alone. With the unpredictable British weather, we must be fully prepared for when the sun finally decides to show its face. So, do you have everything you need to make your outdoor summer feasts a success?

The essence of a great barbecue is in the detail, from your utensils and the gadgets you use to your grill itself. So, if you’re wanting to achieve that grilling greatness you know yourself to be capable of, make sure you’ve got a setup that compliments your culinary skills first!

Get the Best Barbecue For You


Kingfisher Stainless Steel BBQ

Stainless Steel Portable Barrel BBQ

Small, light and compact, but built to last – the Kingfisher Stainless Steel Portable Barrel BBQ is perfect for anyone who wants high-quality grilling no matter the time or place. With side vents, a locking catch and a natural wooden carry handle (plus two cooking areas) this grill is easily transportable, making it as effective for vacations as it is in your garden.


14" Basic Barbecue

14″ Basic Barbecue

Sometimes less is more, as proven by the Kingfisher 14″ Basic Barbecue. With a simple but effective design, it provides enough space for a true feast whilst also being easy to empty and clean after use. Its size also makes it easy to store and move around, so taking it out on the odd camping trip is no issue either!


Kingfisher Smokeless BBQ

Smokeless BBQ

Not the right season or weather for outdoor grilling? No problem! The Kingfisher Smokeless BBQ is here to make sure you can enjoy your favourite grilled foods all year round. Eliminating smoke and grease smells usually caused by traditional barbecues, the smokeless barbecue means you no longer need to leave your house to enjoy a good burger, chicken wing or grilled veggie feast.


Accessories to Make Your Barbecue a Success

BBQ Cooking Utensils

BBQ Cooking Utensils

They say three’s a crowd, but that’s not the case with this trio of BBQ utensils. Including a food tong, fork and spatula slice – all 18 inches long for optimal food handling – you’ll be the master of the grill in no time.

Heavy Duty BBQ Utensils

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utensils

However, if you’re wanting slightly more heavy-duty utensils for larger feasts, these will do just the trick. With stainless steel construction and wooden handles for safety, these utensils are all you need to flip and serve for the masses.


Grill Foil BBQ Tray

Disposable BBQ Grill Foil Tray

The Kingfisher Disposable BBQ Grill Foil Trays are a fantastic accessory for your grill. Made to prevent fat from draining whilst still allowing smoke to penetrate your food for a classic barbecue taste, the trays cut your cleaning time whilst keeping all the flavour.

Wooden BBQ Skewers

Wooden BBQ Skewers

Is a barbecue ever truly complete without a varied selection of skewered snacks? Whether it’s meat, vegetables or even fruit that you’re grilling, you can take your presentation to the next level with a pack of BBQ Skewers.


BBQ Bags

Oven and BBQ Bags

Grill or no grill, these Oven and BBQ Bags are here to help you nail those delicious tastes every time. Made to lock in flavour, the bags are suitable for ovens, griddles and barbecues, so you can enjoy great flavours with less mess to clean afterwards.

Universal Meat Thermometer

Universal Meat Thermometer

Even for those who really know their stuff, overcooking or undercooking meat is always a risk. Fortunately, this Universal Meat Thermometer will help you get your grilled meats cooked to perfection with ease!


BBQ Hotplate Liner

BBQ Hotplate Liner

Make grilling and cleaning easier with a BBQ Hotplate Liner. Not only is it suitable for barbecues, but roasting dishes and oven trays too. The non-stick accessory is ideal for easily cooking up usually messy meats and marinades.

Premium BBQ Cleaner

eSpares All Purpose BBQ Cleaner

As much as we all love to take steps to reduce our post-barbecue cleaning, sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Luckily you can make such cleaning a doddle with a specialised barbecue cleaner. Our very own All-Purpose BBQ Cleaner, is here to show grease and fat who’s really boss! It removes dirt, debris and stuck-on food in just 2 minutes and leaves your barbecue sparkling clean.


Wire Brush

Wire Brush

Speaking of cleaning, there’s some filth that requires a little more heavy-duty action than just spray and a cloth. This Rolson Four Row Wire Brush is perfect for scraping away any extra-resilient residue on your grill.

Oven Mate Cleaning Kit

Racks Cleaning Kit

Finally, if you truly want to be pre-equipped to take on post-cooking grime, you can’t do much better than the Oven Mate ‘Just For Racks’ Cleaning Kit. Including cleaning gel, two rack bags, arm protectors, gloves and a sponge, you can make your barbecue spotless in no time!


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post on the best barbecues and accessories to up your grilling game. Hopefully, you’ll now have everything you could possibly need to be the king or queen of the grill. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our blog post on 14 BBQ Hacks too! Trust us – you don’t want to miss them…

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