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Your complete guide to product manuals

They come with our new appliances, gadgets and electronics, but what do we actually need our product manuals for? Here is our complete guide to your product manual or user guide and how it can help you.

Guides and manuals are official documents from the manufacturer designed to explain complex or technical information in a way we can all understand. They can help you with set-up, usage and troubleshooting problems with your items. Here is a breakdown of the sections in your product manual and how they can be super helpful.

Safety information

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Safety first! Always check the safety information before you set up or use your appliance. It’s best to be fully aware of any precautions you should take.

The set-up

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We may think we don’t need the instructions but actually, we really do! Save yourself the hassle of the guesswork and read your user manual before you start setting up your item. It will tell you exactly what you need to do and what every button, remote or gadget is for! Trust us, it saves time (and lots of swear words!)

How to use

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Ok, so you’ve probably been using appliances all your life and are pretty sure how to use them. However, different machines have different settings and you don’t want to shrink your favourite top or ruin your best china before you find this out! Read your product manuals to ensure you know exactly how to use your machines. Plus, there will be features and gadgets that you may not have used before or easier ways to do things.

The troubleshooter

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Possibly the most important one! If your appliance breaks down, you’re going to need the product manual! Checking for fault codes and common errors will save you a lot of time when figuring out what is wrong with your appliance. Many can help you sort the problem straight away with a simple fix or help you find out what you need to do to fix it.

Aftersales and guarantee

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If your appliance does breakdown, you might actually have a guarantee where the manufacturer will fix it for free. This information is usually in your product manual or attached to it. Keep hold of it as it can tell you how long your guarantee is for, how to ensure your machine stays under warranty and how to get in touch.


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Got a problem or question about your appliance? You’re probably not the first to ask! That’s why some user guides have frequently asked questions from other users so you can find the answers quickly.

Where to get further help

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Can’t find what you’re looking for in your user manual? There is usually some contact details on the front cover or towards the end that tell you who to contact if you need any more help. Saves a lot of googling!

If you happen to have lost or misplaced your user guide, you can download a copy on our website. Just simply enter your model number and find your appliance. Just keep this one somewhere safe!

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