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How to get kids involved with repairs

To help you (and your pocket) out, we’ve got some great tips on how to get your kids on the repair craze and help save you money (and a tantrum!)

The words “can i have another one” are the dread of every parent! Broken toys and gadget replacements are just part of a normal day in many households.

Teaching children about repairs can be great for their development. They can gain skills that will help them in later life such as problem solving, decision making, the value of items and ways to save money! Also, it’s a great way to keep them busy and have some fun too!

Here are some tips on how to get started.

Your own little helper 

Girl Helping Dad Fix
Kids love to do whatever you’re doing! Let them get involved by handing you the tools you need, doing some small easy jobs and talking them through the different steps. They will love to help out and they will learn something along the way.

Start small 

Young Boys Learning To Fix Toy

When the stuffing falls out of their favourite bear, teach them or show them how to sew it back in. When their train set breaks, teach them how to put the parts back together or use the old time favourite, super glue! If they are older and their gadgets break (the more expensive times) it’s a great time to teach them repair. Take them to a repair cafe and let them learn how to fix it themselves. Find your nearest one here.

From toys to clothing 

Teddy Bear And Kids Clothing On Washing Line
If they have mastered the art of fixing their toys and gadgets, teach them about repairing clothing. This can be from sewing a hole in a jumper to resurrecting a ripped pair of jeans into some trendy new shorts.

Take things apart 

Little Boy Taking Toy Apart
Reading that sentence would have filled you with dread! Say the same thing to your kids and watch them light up with excitement! Kids are born inquisitive and the question that’s always on their lips is, “how?” For them, it’s an opportunity to find out how the world works so let’s teach them! We’re not saying take your expensive phone apart and never be able to fix it, maybe start with their toys then build up to gadgets but make sure you know how to put them back together first!

Teach them to recycle 

Young Girls Recycling Plastic

This can be teaching them about rubbish recycling or reinventing old clothes (see point 3!) It’s important to teach kids that just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it’s no longer of use. Try and make something new out of broken items too. These genius ways of transforming broken appliances should give you some inspiration!

Easy household repairs 

Boy Helping Dad Fix Wheelbarrow

There are a few quick repairs you can let you kids do that are pretty safe and easy for kids (still supervised of course.) Here are a few things to get them started:

Tightening screws – Teach them the ‘righty-tighty, lefty-loosey’ phrase and they’ll remember it for life. Tightening loose screws in towel racks, handles and bars are great introductions to DIY.

Oil squeaky hinges – Arm your kids with some trusty WD40 and show them how to fix annoying hinge squeaks then praise them every time the door opens without a sound!

Minor paint jobs – Maybe don’t let them repaint the whole room, but if there are nail holes or minor scuffs and marks that need covering, let your kids help by dabbing on some paint and helping you out.

Clean the drains – Use a natural cleaner and let your kids help with the dreaded drain cleaning job! You’ll get the job done and teach your kids something at the same time.

Looking for some other ways to fill your time? Check out these 6 quick fixes around the house that you could get your kids involved in too!

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