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How thinking #FixFirst will make you a super savy money saver!

£20 repair or £300 new appliance? You decide!

When it comes to the cash, there’s no competition, but are you up to the fixing challenge?

The answer… yes you are!

Fixing an appliance yourself isn’t as hard as it sounds and with the money saving benefits, it’s much more appealing too! Still not convinced? Here are some common household appliance problems along with easy fixes and money savings that will have you wishing you’d started your fixing journey sooner!

Fridge Freezer 

Thermometer Inside Fridge Showing Warm Temperature

Not cold enough?

If your fridge doesn’t feel quite as cold as it should, it could be something as simple as replacing the door seal. If the door seal is no longer as tough as it should be, the fridge may be using up more energy that it needs, struggling to remain cold and costing you MORE money!

Average cost: £40

Here’s this simple fix in action:

Polar Bear Toy In Refrigerator With North Pole Sign

Temperature changing like the wind?

Fridge thinks it’s in the North Pole one minute and the Bahamas the next? You may need to replace the thermostat. Don’t be put off by the word, it’s very simple to do!

Average cost: £27

Take a look:

Man Looking Inside Fridge

Fridge going bump in the night?

Freezer keeping you awake at night? If it’s a frost free model then believe it or not they can still build up ice, it’s just harder to see! It could be due to a few things, more than likely a faulty heater, sensor or fuse.

Average price: £39

Here’s how to find out and get it sorted!


Man Looking Into Oven With Screwdriver

Not heating up?

Believe it or not, if your oven has stopped working you might just need to reset the clock!

it could be simply that the clock hasn’t been set! A clock that’s not set can cause your whole oven to stop working – crazy, but true. Good news? It’s a really simple fix!

Average cost: Free!

Here’s how to fix it:

View Inside Oven

No spark?

Don’t fall out of love! You can relight the fire with a new spark generator! As modern cookers use electronic ignition systems, over time they can falter then require replacing.

Average price: £44

Close Up Of Open Oven Door

Stubborn door?

If it’s not closing properly and there’s nothing obstructing it from the inside, it’s probably the door hinges. Over time these can become less effective due to wear and tear and need replacing.

Average cost: £25

Here’s how!

Washing Machine

Man Looking Inside Washing Machine

Not spinning right round?

A faulty drain pump could be the reason your washer isn’t spinning. If you find there is water still left in the tub after your wash, the caused is a blocked or failed pump.

Average cost: £34

Here’s how to replace it:

Water Spilling Out From Washing Machine


If you’re finding spillages and leaks after your wash has finished, it could be due to a worn door seal. Check the seal for any holes or tears to the lip of the seal and if found, it’s an easy fix!

Average price: £35

Here’s all to you to know:

Woman Holding Top In Hole In

Annoying holes in clothing?

Finally finished the laundry chore only to find holes in your clothing? Don’t worry, moths havent sneaked into your washing machine, you just need to replace the drum paddle. If clips on the drum paddles become damaged or loose, they can hook your clothes causing tears and rips.

Average price: £13

Here’s how to replace them:


Woman Sat By Dishwasher Covering Ears

Making a racket?

If your dishwasher is noisy when it is first switched on, it’s likely to be the a fault with the drain pump. Debris such as glass shards, crockery chips and other objects may have got stuck in the pump chamber during washes and is preventing the machine from emptying water. Try to remove this gunk from the pump first, but if this doesn’t work, it’s time to replace the pump but don’t worry, it’s easy peasy!

Average price: £55

Here’s how:

Dirty Cutlery In Dishwasher

Unclean dishes?

If your dishwasher is shying away from doing its job properly, there could be a fault with the spray arms. As a key part of the washing process, if damaged these spray arms will result in a weaker cleaning performance meaning dirty dishes!

Average price: £17

Watch our easy peasy video!

Man Looking Inside Dishwasher

No water?

A leaky dishwasher is never useful, especially when you rely on it to help you not cause you more problems. But don’t fear, a faulty solenoid inlet valve could be answer! Yes it’s a mouthful but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated!

Average price: £23

Here’s how it’s done:

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