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How to Rid Your Garden of Unwanted Pests

Nature is a beautiful thing, but it can also be very annoying and damaging to your plants and greenery! If your garden has been taken over by persistent pests and furry friends but you don’t want to use harmful methods to get rid of them, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of frequent unwanted garden guests and how to repel them without causing any harm.

Close-up Of Ants On Flowers


Ants feed on plants and build nests which deprive flowers of water. Here are some tips on how to repel them from your garden.

  • Ants hate chalk! They struggle to crawl through it and get covered, so placing a line of chalk around your plant pots will keep them at bay.
  • Ants use scent trials to remind themselves of the route to food. Placing vinegar around your plants and greenery will interrupt these trails and they won’t find their way back to your plants!
  • Natural substances including cinnamon sticks, chilli peppers, paprika, cloves and dried peppermint leaves are perfect for repelling ants. You can even squeeze lemon juice and leave the peel in your garden or leave garlic cloves in their pathways.

Slugs On Green Plants

Slugs and Snails

Instead of the traditional method of using salt which dehydrates and kills slugs, it’s much better to repel them by placing mint, lemon balm or even human hair around your plants. Copper is also a great slug repellent. You can place copper pennies around the base of your plants or, if you have a vegetable patch, you can buy copper tape to place around the edges.

Grasshopper on Green Leaves


Although not as common as most garden pests, Grasshoppers can be prone to eating grass, shrubbery, leaves, bark, flowers and seeds. If you spot grasshoppers in your garden, a slight spray of garlic should repel them from your greenery.

Close-Up Of Mouse On Seeds


Mice tend to eat a lot and can reproduce very quickly, so it’s important to sort the problem as soon as possible.

  • Keep both your garden and home clean and make sure bins are sealed tightly. If possible, keep them as far away from your garden as you can.
  • Mice hate peppermint, so if you grow a few peppermint plants around your garden, they won’t stick around for long!
  • Be sure to block any holes in your walls to ensure they don’t make their way into your home.

Rabbit Eating Grass In Garden


As cute as they are, rabbits will munch through your vegetable patch before you can say ‘aww!’ Sprinkling chilli pepper around the plants will act as an effective deterrent.

Ginger Cat Hiding in Garden Bushes


Although cats aren’t your usual garden pests, their litter and eating habits can soon damage your garden. But they are very clever, so you have to be extra sneaky with your repellent!

  • Keep garden bins firmly sealed and remove any sources of shelter. Cats seek warm and dry spaces so fence off your porch or decking area and keep your shed tightly closed.
  • Install a motion sensing sprinkler. Cats hate water so they will stay away from your lawn if the sprinkler is on.
  • Sprinkling pepper around your garden will make their paws spicy and they will soon work out it’s your garden that’s the culprit!

Now you’ve cleared your garden of pests, why not check out these top gardening tips and spruce up your garden for spring!

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