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Is Your Bed as Cosy as You Think?

The cold weather and wintry conditions can leave you craving your duvet and relishing the prospect of snuggling up in bed. However your bed may not be quite the sanctuary you believe and might instead be home to a variety of allergy-causing nasties. You may feel confident that you bed is clean and hygienic because you wash and change your pillow casing and duvet cover regularly, but if you are neglecting the mattress then you are in for a nasty shock.

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Paint Roller And Paint

Freshen Up Your Home

We take pride in our homes and want to make them look their best. So, hop to it and learn some things you can do that will truly help make your home look that much nicer. As far as DIY skills go, so long as you have a pulse and a pair of hands you should be ok at completing most of these.

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Winter Hats

Keep Warm in Winter!

Apparently we’re about to be hit with an arctic blast of cold that could last up to two weeks. As someone who came home to a faulty boiler last night I cannot stress enough how much I apprecite tips to keeping warm (regardless of how “common sense” they might be).

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