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6 Months To Go

Only 6 months until London plays host to the 2012 Summer Games and if only there was a way to incorporate your old appliances into the mix what an event that would make. Some crazy and creative Yanks have already created an entire competition for appliances only; Appliance Art Revival in the wonderful city of Bellingham, Washington. I’m not sure how the IOC would feel about the addition of such events but surely they could at least consider adding them to the list of Summer Games events, perhaps even Winter Games events…….see which washing machine proves fastest on the bobsled track or challenge your obsolete microwave to the gravity defying ski jump.

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A Day In The Life Of……

A new eSpares employee

A quick interview with our newest employee at eSpares. So far so good but it’s early days and Carol has a long way to go and a lot to prove (jokes but not really) Please be advised anything below added in italics are the thoughts of yours truly and may or may not endorsed by Carol.

Name: Carol

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Post Christmas Mess?

Right folks we are now settled and moving forward into 2012 and there are no doubt plenty of you out there still working on sorting (and ahem sticking to) your resolutions. I personally don’t feel we need the coming of a new year as an excuse to help get ourselves sorted but regardless for those of you needing the extra push then go ahead and let the new year assist you. A thought; if you want to put off your personal resolutions- weight loss, quitting smoking, exercising, being a better citizen but yet still do some good then why not focus on your lovely and loyal home. Come now, get those appliances working in tip top shape. Your kitchen for start has no doubt taken somewhat of a beating if you were entertaining over the holiday period.

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Oracle Retail Week Nomination

We are very proud that for the 4th year running Oracle Retail Week Awards have shortlisted eSpares for Online Retailer of the Year. This is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud to be a part of such a prestigious list of finalists. A big up to the employees of eSpares and a massive thanks to our customer base for continuing to support the brand. The awards are being held on March 15th 2012 and in the meantime we’ll continue to work to provide excellent service and always create a positive experience to our customer.